Woodpecker, Dental Air polisher AP-H


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Air polishing is a process of using compressed air to spray powder and water on the tooth surface through air-polishing equipment to remove the attachments (such as biofilm, pigment, soft dirt, etc.) and polish the tooth surface. Air polishing has become an indispensable tool for biofilm control in the new era. Compared with traditional ultrasonic scaling, air polishing is more efficient and comfortable, causing no scratch to the tooth surface, and is less likely to harm soft tissues, so as to reduce patient tension.


Woodpecker Dental Air Polisher AP-H:

☀ Comfortable clean lightweight easy cleaning mode.


With national patent design More scientific More efficient:

☀ Supragingival & subgingival mode Two-in-one.

☀ Amazing dental air polisher with subgingival mode.


0.7mm small-caliber nozzle More concentrated powder output More accurate scaling:

☀ 0.7mm Nozzle caliber for powder measures 0.7mm 1.4mm Nozzle caliber for water measures 1.4mm Smaller caliber allows for more concentrated air-polishing Companies on the market with dental air polisher of 0.7mm small-caliber nozzle include Woodpecker, EMS, and NSK.


Three-section air-polishing handpiece design:

☀ Detachable handpiece.

☀ Woodpecker handpiece can be detached for maintenance if a clog occurs, which makes it unique among all the brands.


360 rotatable Pre-bendable subgingival nozzle:

☀ Three-direction powder output One-direction water output Efficiently eliminate biofilms
Thoroughly clear dead ends.


User-friendly design:

☀ A lateral transparent powder container enables easier observation of the remaining powder.


Ergonomic design More flexible and lightweight:

☀ Easy quick connection for plugging and using The lightweight design relieves grip fatigue.

☀ Suitable for all dental chairs The whole device weights about 125g, much lower than similar
products on the market (135-165g) Easy to adjust the angle, flexible to apply to use.


The Black and gold color design contributes to a more fantastic appearance


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